Preparing the OID for the v11 Upgrade

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(Upgrading v10 to v11.1.6)

Preparation tips

The amount of preparation and familiarity with v11's new OID structures and SSMTs will significantly impact the success and speed of the golive weekend process. Here are a few specific tasks that will assist in preparation.

  • Studying the differences between the v10 SSMT and v11 SSMT content will help explain the sequence of events. The recommended sequence will be noted further down.
  • Where multiple laboratories and performing locations are prevelant, the nuances of each need to be evaluated and accounted for.
  • All changes made from the time your development/test environment is built up to golive need to be accounted for. This includes new performing locations added or any modifications made to existing orderables.
    • Document ALL changes made during the development phase prior to golive in a central location for quick, comprehensive reference
  • Create a list of all SSMT extract related to Orderable Items that will be pulled in the hours leading up to the golive window.
    • As some of these extracts can be very large, it is advisable that they be broken up into multiple spreadsheets. This will improve the efficiency of working with the data as Excel's performance can be affected when they are too large.