Preventative care

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The methodology of "Preventative care" is gaining popularity with both providers and consumers. Preventative medicine at its root, seeks to maintain the body in a way to prevent major and avoidable ailments in the future, leading to not just a higher standard of living and healthier patient, but much less stress on the healthcare infrastructure as a whole. Whereas previously healthcare primarily focused on resolving the catastrophic events such as cancer, preventative medicine seeks to greatly reduce cases of cancer by working with the healthcare consumer to engage in activities and lifestyle choices that lower their individual risk.

Preventative Care Charting

A provider focusing on preventative care does not generally practice with a 'problem-based encounter.' Ideally, their encounters are patients coming in for period reviews/check-ups. While with the provider, the patient may indicate concerns about areas of their health, but when making the appointment, the Reason for Visit is simply preventative checkup.

Approaching medicine from this angle requires stepping back to reevaluate what information is entered into the record and what format it will take. A conventional note is designed to capture the chief complaint and/or reason for visit and then treat that specifically and likely any other concern addressed. A preventative note takes a complete overview of the body and mind and identifies areas that may need to be addressed, if any. It's essentially the annual physical Americans are strongly advised to have, but likely more comprehensive.


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