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There are several settings for print preview that can be adjusted, including: Timeout, RetryCount, RetryDelay and SupportWatermark. The descriptions for each are listed below. It's strongly recommended to confirm each setting is available and its current description in the Web.Config (details in the Resolution section below)

Timeout: Total time in seconds that we will allow to execute

RetryCount: How many times we will attempt a retry within our session

RetryDelay: How many milliseconds we will wait between retries

SupportWatermark: Are we willing to show watermarks on our exports


You will need to edit the Web.Config for the Report Handler on each web server. This is typically found in C:\Program Files\Allscripts Healthcare Solutions\TouchWorks Web\AHSReportHandler. The settings will be found under the appSettings node, which is at the bottom of the Web.Config by default. Edit the value(s) and the changes will take effect immediately.