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SCroll down to "Orders" and find "Vital Signs".
SCroll down to "Orders" and find "Vital Signs".
[[Image:Vitals Audit Trail.jpg]]
[[Vitals Audit Trail.jpg]]

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Question: Is there an Audit Trail for Vitals?

Yes, to view who took vitals in the past you can go into the ACI under RX/Orders, view Past Meds/Orders, right click Vitals and then View and Audit. Step by step procedures are listed below.

Login as a TW user.

Choose a patient.

Go into the Clinical Desktop.

Click the "Add new Order" icon.

Click on the RX/Orders tab.

From the drop down menu in the Orders section choose Past Meds/Orders.

Sort by Type. (you can sort a number of ways, but for this example we will sort by Type)

SCroll down to "Orders" and find "Vital Signs".

Vitals Audit Trail.jpg

Right click on a Vital sign

Click View

Click Audit.

At the very top of the page you will see

Click Audit