Q: Can I set up the Note so the Referring Provider will be Automatically Carbon Copied?

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Set up the Note to Automatically send a Carbon Copy to the Referring Provider or PCP (as listed in his/her patient information.

Steps to Configure

1. Login to Enterprise as a user with Admin access.

2. Select the TWAdmin workspace.

3. Select Note Admin on the Vertical Toolbar.

4. Select Note Admin on the Horizontal Toolbar.

5. Select the Note Templates tab

Default CC1.JPG

6. Click the Search button

7. Search for and select the Note Template you wish to setup.

Default CC2.JPG

8. Right click the Output Template and select Edit.

Default CC3.JPG

9. Click the Properties button.

Default CC4.JPG

10. Expand the Carbon Copy section in the Note Output Template Properties.

Default CC5.JPG

11. Two columns are available to select from: Default or Show

  • Checking the box in the Show column will make that option available to select in the Carbon Copy window.
  • Checking the box in the Default column will make that option selected by default in the Carbon Copy window

Default CC6.JPG