Q: How do I create a LogIn Pop-Up Message?

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A Client may want to create a log-in pop-up message in order to notify users of an upcoming changes or outages. Below are the steps to create this message:

  1. Log in to TouchWorks as a user with Admin rights.
  2. Select the Admin Workplace.
  3. Click Systems on the Vertical Toolbar.
  4. Select the System (Org) that you would like to create the Login message for.
  5. Click Preferences on the Horizontal Toolbar.
    Login Message 1.JPG
  6. Scroll down until you find the two Preference Items: LoginMsg, and LoginMsg Text.
    Login Message 2.JPG
  7. Change the value for LoginMsg to Y in the Drop Down Menu.
  8. Type your desired Message into the text box for LoginMsg Text.
  9. Click Save at the top of the Screen.
  10. Login to TouchWorks as a user. You should see the pop-up when you login.
    Login Message 3.JPG