Q: Specialty Favorites, CareGuides and the OCD

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(Note: Specialty Favorites pull the data they require to function from the OCD)

Why would I want to load the AHS delivered Specialty Favorites?

The Specialty Favorites loads for Net New Clients and upgrade Clients differentiate. Please see the list of what is loaded for an Upgrade Client. Upgrade clients do not get Lab or Imaging Favorites because all of their V10 Favorites include their orderable Item favorites, therefore, if loaded, we would be overwriting their longtime favorites.


“You would load Specialty Favorites if you wanted to be able to search Orderable Items by Specialty”. Currently users can search using their favorites list and the systems master list to find the desired Orderable Items.

This picture shows you the Specialty Favorites that came up when I searched for CBC under the Specialty: Cardiology.

Remember, if you do not load the Specialty Favorites the search would come up empty. But you would still be able to search using your favorites list and the systems master list to find the desired Orderable Items.

Search Speed

Searching by Specialty will be faster than searching the Master list but not necessarily faster than searching the users Favorites list. This is dependent on the size of the users Favorites list. As you can see in the picture above, 4 items were pulled in by the Cardiology Specialty search allowing an instant return of data.

Specialty Fav ACI.jpg

Q: Does loading Specialty Favorites affect how favorites are populated for new users?

Yes. In v11, if you have no favorites but your specialty does, the first time you add a favorite, it takes in all of the favorites from the specialty and loads them into your personal "My Favorites" and then adds the one favorite you had selected. You can reference KB article 3621, p. 5 to see exactly how it works with screenshots. This should be a benefit to the provider because the specialty favorites should be populated with items that they would use frequently.

Q: Who will be loading the Specialty-specific Favorites into V11.1.1 - The Allscripts/Galen Upgrade Team or us?

The Allscripts/Galen Upgrade Team would load the Specialty Favorites. V11 Specialty Favorites come delivered with 11.1.1 for more information see V11 Specialty Favorites The best practice for loading specialty favorites with an upgrade client is to first have the client review the pre-delivered specialty favorites and then decide to either (have Allscripts/Galen) load the pre-delivered specialty favorites and edit them in test, or to not (have Allscripts/Galen) load the pre-delivered specialty favorites and to build their own favorites lists by specialty.

Q: Once mapped, does the user see their OID names or the new OCD names on the front end?

Mapped or not mapped, the user sees their familiar OID names on the front end. The OCD name will not appear.

What actually gets loaded?

These are the favorite categories that would get loaded

Active Problems

Allergen – Med

Allergen HX

Family History

Medication HX

Order Immunizations

Order Med Admin

Orderable Item Rx

Patient History Immunizations

Past Medical History

Past Surgical History, Social History

These are the specialties that would be loaded


Cardiac Surgery


Chiropractic Medicine


Emergency Medicine

Family Medicine


General Surgery


Internal Medicine






Orthopedic Surgery


Pain Management


Physical Therapy

Plastic Surgery


Pulmonary Medicine


Master Specialties which DO NOT contain Favorites in this load


Diabetes Educator




Obstetrics (Obstetric gynecology contains favorites)

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Therapy

Oral Surgery

Orthopedics (Orthopedic surgery contains favorites)


Speech Therapy

SSMT Content Categories currently being loaded via SSMT/Import Package file

Favorites: Allergens - Med#####

Favorites: Allergens - HX#####

Favorites: Orderable Items- Immunizations#####

Favorites: Orderable Items- Medication Admin#####

Favorites: Orderable Items- Rx#####

Favorites: Patient Hx - Active Problems#####

Favorites: Patient Hx - Family Hx#####

Favorites: Patient Hx - Immunization Hx##### (Not displaying in 11.1.4 for any specialty)

Favorites: Patient Hx - Medication Hx#####

Favorites: Patient Hx - Past Medical Hx#####

Favorites: Patient Hx - Past Surgical Hx#####

Favorites: Patient Hx - Social Hx#####

For additional information, please read



(Note: CareGuides pull the data they require to function from the OCD)

CareGuides are sold separately, and are not included with the v11 upgrade; please talk to your Account Manager for details.

CareGuides are a new feature of TouchWorks v11. They are meant to provide a template for problem based ordering using industry standards. These CareGuides allow providers to quickly and effectively create a "Plan of Care" for a specific problem while at the same time creating the desired Health Management Plan for the patient.

This picture is of a CareGuide tied to Problem Abdominal Pain. As you can see it’s a one stop shop for orders, RXs Instructions, etc…

CG ACI.jpg


The OCD is a new feature of v11


The Orderable Item Concepts were developed to handle the differences in medical terminology presently used amongst vendors along with promoting consistency across the board

The OCD was created to allow Allscripts the ability to create a consistent, persistent dictionary of order and result items that they control & maintain

The OCD also allows the user the same standard set of orderable concepts across all TouchWorks system

Let’s look at the OCD (Order Concept Dictionary) and how it affects your existing Orderable Items, CareGuides and Specialty Favorites

All of your Orderable items, unless you inactivate them yourself remain as is, they don’t get wiped out just because you mapped them to the OCD.

Specialty Favorites pull data from the OCD: The OCD is populated by your OID if mapped

CareGuides pull data from the OCD: The OCD is populated by your OID if Mapped

This picture shows OID item “Glucose Finger Stick (TWGLUCFS)” mapped to the OCD item “Blood Glucose”.

The name “Glucose Finger Stick would appear on the front end for the user and now the OID Glucose Finger Stick would now be available as a Specialty Favorite as well and could be referred to in CareGuides.

Pre Requisite for using Specialty Favorites and/or CareGuides

“OID/OCD Mapping”

If you do decide to load the AHS delivered Specialty Favorites or plan on using CareGuides you will need to perform the OID/OCD Mapping Task.

Because the Specialty Favorites and CareGuides pull their data from the OCD if you do not map your OID items to the v11 OCD none of the Specialty Favorite or CareGuide data would be available on the front end for the user.

Having said all of that, something to consider… The OCD comes with your v11 System, mapping your OID items to it can’t hurt and may prove useful in the future even if you don’t want to load the Specialty Favorites or use CareGuides at the present time.

For complete details on OID/OCD Mapping please refer to the following documentation and talk to your Upgrade Consultant


OID to OCD Mapped and UnMapped Diagrams

Oid Mapped.jpg

OID Unmapped.jpg