Q: What are the differences between Item Modifiers and Additional Information Questions?

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Item Modifiers
The Item Modifiers are intended to capture important details regarding the specific order being placed. For instance, identifying the

  • Side/Laterality of an MRI
  • Specific Area of Interest (If requesting a CT of the Lower Extremity, specifying Ankle, Knee, Hip, etc)
  • Reproductive Status (For a Pap Smear)
  • Blood Pressure Position (Seated, Standing, lying down)

The only answer an Item Modifier is a picklist, or fixed set of values.

Additional Information Questions
The Additional Information Questions are much more versatile.

  • The available answer types are Free text, Numeric, Date/Time, and Picklist.
  • The answers can have parameters (# of chars limit, # or rows for entry, etc) and default values.
  • Additional Information Questions can be used to drive workflow. For example, an Add. Info Question can be configured to be 'On Hold' after the Provider places the order. This status triggers a Worklist Item (or task, depending on workflow) for another resource to answer that question prior to the Order becoming 'Active' status.

For more detail about the Additional Information Configuration: Additional Information Details Section