Q: What is the difference between the different HMP actions?

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When a provider selects Defer there is an option to select temporary or permanent deferral:

  • Temporary Deferral Leaves the order reminder on the patient's Health Management Plan and allows the provider to change the date
  • Permanent Deferral Removes the order reminder from the patient's Health Management Plan
  • Preferences can be set to prompt or require a reason for either or both deferral actions

Actions with Similar Effects

Permanent Deferral, D/C (discontinue), EIE (entered in error), and Complete have the same functional effects but the reason for the action is different

Order Reminder Actions:

  • Defer (with permanent selected) Permanently defers the item and allows provider to record the reason
  • Complete Indicates that this order reminder is completed (for example, provider wanted to check the Hematocrit 5 times, and the 5 times are completed)
  • D/C (Discontinue) Indicates provider wants to discontinue this order reminder, even though it is not yet complete
  • EIE (Entered in Error) Indicates that this reminder was entered in error. For example, provider entered it on the wrong patient

All four actions have these same effects:

  • Remove the schedule display in the row header and any due indications in the Next column and any Overdue or Near Due indications.
  • Remove the row if there are no result entries or to be done dates in any columns and the orderable item is not part of a flow sheet definition linked to the problem.
  • Remove the Problem Header if the row is removed and there are no other rows displayed beneath the problem.
  • Remove the order reminder schedule from the HMP but keep the orderable item on the HMP if there is at least one instance of a result or order for that orderable item linked to the displayed problem.

Order Reminder Actions for Orderable items that do not require a result

These actions are only available for orderable items that do not require a result

  • Done Creates an order for the item if one does not exist and completes the order with 'Record w/o ordering' checked. Displays today's date in the Most Recent column followed by the literal text 'Completed.' Recalculates the next due date and displays it in the To Do column
  • Done… Same as “Done” except the Order Detail page displays, allowing you to set the date the item was done