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* Formal report of findings and strategic roadmap.
* Formal report of findings and strategic roadmap.
More on[[Quality Reporting and Compliance (QRC)]]
More on [[Quality Reporting and Compliance (QRC)]]

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Quality Reporting Compliance Program- QRC-Assessment Overview

Incentive Program Analysis and Strategic Planning offering is targeted to clients who may not be aware of all the incentive/penalty based programs that exists today and to ensure clients they are capturing all the potential incentives they can based on their patient population and region. This is strictly an assessment to identify current state and provide an analysis of gaps and a strategic road map to the client.

Client requirements:

  • Provide access or actual reports for Practice Management Reports to include: patient population to include general demographics (age/gender), top diagnosis, top insurer, top referring provider, and top procedure report.
  • Provide access to or actual reports for Electronic Health Record Reports for at least 3-6 months of current incentive programs data for review.
  • Provide current list of incentive program enrollments and selected measures being tracked for each incentive program.
  • Complete QRC assessment questionnaire.

Galen Deliverable:

  • Formal report of findings and strategic roadmap.

More on Quality Reporting and Compliance (QRC)