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Quality Reporting Compliance Program- QRC: Assessment and Implementation Overview

Incentive Program Analysis, Strategic Planning and Implementation of Quality Measures offering is targeted to clients who may not be aware of all the incentive/penalty based programs that exists today and to ensure clients they are capturing all the potential incentives they can based on their patient population and region. Additionally, this includes completing the configuration and workflow documentation of ten (10) quality measures as selected per the client for those clients who do not have trained staff or the resources available to meet a given regulatory program and unable to meet a deadline or enrollment to capture incentive or avoid penalty.

Client Responsibilities:

  • Provide access or actual reports for Practice Management Reports to include: patient population to include general demographics (age/gender), top diagnosis, top insurer, top referring provider, and top procedure report.
  • Provide access to or actual reports for Electronic Health Record Reports for at least 3-6 months of current incentive programs data for review.
  • Provide current list of incentive program enrollments and selected measures being tracked for each incentive program.
  • Provide current, existing documented workflows to support the ten (10) quality measures to be re-designed/configured.
  • Participate in decision-making for workflow/configuration re-defining options for ten (10) quality measures, including clinical leadership as appropriate.
  • Complete QRC assessment questionnaire

Galen Deliverable:

  • Review of current incentive program enrollments and evaluation of eligible providers reports for Meaningful Use (including Core/Menu/Clinical Quality Measures), PQRS, and HEDIS
  • Formal report to identify gaps in current incentive reporting and a one year strategic project plan/roadmap
  • Follow up meeting to present final report findings to key stakeholders.
  • Configure ten (10) quality measures based on regulatory specifications and client workflow decisions.
  • Ten (10) quality measures documented with workflow- redesign (Visio) and supporting configuration workbook (Excel)

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