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Creating a Read Only Account in TouchWorks

In the case where a group may need to create a read only account for any purpose (auditing, records viewing, etc) the following must happen. (v10) In System Administration, Security tab do the following:

1. Create Security Groups At least two security groups should be created. One group should have access to edit charts and the other will not. Make sure to add the security group that will allow editing to all the users that need it.

2. Add the classification Codes to the Security Groups As you create the security groups you will want to add the security codes to the groups that will need to be able to access and edit the charts. For the Read Only group you will just leave the security classification codes off of the Group.

3. Turn on the Security Gates You will need to find the Security Gates and activate them. For example, for creating a Read Only account you would need to find the Chart Edit security gate and activate that. Any user that does not have that classification code will no longer be able to edit charts. YOU DO NOT CREATE THE GROUPS FIRST, YOU RISK LOCKING OUT THE TW USERS BY ACTIVATING THE SECURITY GATES SHOUDL BE TEST FIRST.
You must still create the necessary workplaces and roles rights to see the menus.