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'''To sign up for all or multiple webcasts at one time''':
'''To sign up for all or multiple webcasts at one time''':
# Go to: [http://www.galenhealthcare.com/calendar/ http://www.galenhealthcare.com/calendar/]
# Go to: [http://www.galenhealthcare.com/events/ http://www.galenhealthcare.com/events/]
# Click "Register Now"
# Click "Register Now"
#: [[File:Register 0.JPG]]
#: [[File:Register 0.JPG]]

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Visit http://www.galenhealthcare.com/calendar/ for a list of Galen's upcoming FREE webcasts on how to get more from your EHR.

Of course, you may not want or be able to attend all the webcasts, but registering for all that you are interested in at once is faster and will put them in your calendar and send automatic reminders so that you are aware of each one and can choose to attend or not at that time.

To sign up for all or multiple webcasts at one time:

  1. Go to: http://www.galenhealthcare.com/events/
  2. Click "Register Now"
    Register 0.JPG
  3. Click "More"
  4. Mark the check-box next to Date & Time to select all or mark only the webcasts of intrest
    Register 2.JPG
  5. Scroll down to bottom and click "Register"
    Register 3.JPG
  6. Switch to Outlook Mail - There will be an email for each registration
  7. Open each email and double-click the calendar .ics icon to open it
    Register 4.JPG
  8. Click "Accept"
    Register 5.JPG
  9. An event will be created in Outlook with a 15 minute reminder (change "Show As" from Busy to Free if you wish the time to appear as free to others)
    Register 6.JPG

Webex will send and email reminder the day before the webcast with the registration number.
Use this email to log into the webcast. It is faster and easier.