Result Verification Dialog Box

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Below is explanation of the 11.1.7 Result Verification Dialog Box. Some of the behavior will be different depending on your Note Document settings.

11.1.7 Result Verification Dialog Box.jpg

Training Tips

  • Use the bottom half of the result verification dialog box to auto-populate the result document/letter.
  • The “Message to Staff” window can be used to populate both the task and the result document. User/Providers will find that useful so they do not have to spend time populating each text field.
  • If “None” is selected for the result document, the verifying provider can use the add annotations quickly by using the bottom text field.
  • Using the Result Verification with a v11 Note is a great introduction to v11 Note for User/Providers. If your organization is not live on v11 Note, but is looking to convert to v11 Note then use the Result Verification Process to introduce module.