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The Resultable Item Dictionary (RID) is the dictionary that holds all of the Result level items for orders. These are typically the results returned by a lab vendor. For example, if a Lipid Panel is ordered, the lab vendor will return result values such as HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, or Cholesterol, Total.

This dictionary is the placeholder for interfaced and manually entered results. It is not essential to synchronize Resultables for multiple vendors or to the Allscripts Results Concept Dictionary (RCD), but it is recommended. Synchronizing these items will allow a user to flow values from multiple vendors on the same line if they are linked together.

It is also possible to skip the Synchronization step and within the details section of the Resultable Item Dictionary make the resultable item equivalent to other resultable items for flowsheets only. When this is done, a flowsheet only needs one line for a PT/INR result, but that one line will display the results for all vendors that have been set as equivalent.

It is very important to ensure the specimen source for the RID equivalents are the same. For example, there will be RBC and WBC analytes for both a Urinalysis and CBC that clearly utilize different specimens. The utilization of the ORV11 SSMT extract should provide you with the indication as to which specimen source the analyte in question should be associated with. Not correcting these specimen sources can result in issues as seen below; causing confusion for the clinical staff.

RID Equivalent Error.JPG