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RID-RCD Results Synchronization

The Results Concept Dictionary (RCD) is an Allscripts list of common resultables returned on lab results. This would be a list of items such as White Blood Count (WBC), Hemoglobin, or Platelets. Mapping resultables to the RCD currently provides no benefit. This is a feature that will be used in the future. (RID-RCD mapping is not required or part of Results Synchronization so should this be separate).

The one place within the application that Results mapping/synchronization has an impact is when displaying flowsheets in the application. Equivilent results that are not synched will display as separate rows on flowsheets. Sycnronizing resultables and mapping the RID to the RCD is a large work effort. As an alternative, the ’’Results flowsheet equivalents’’ feature can be used to ensure that results for the same resultable item that flow into the application from different vendors appear on the same line in flowsheets.

We recommend that during an upgrade the Results flowsheets equivalents task be completed and that the RID/RCD mapping can be done at a later date when doing so will add more functionality to the application.

Results Flowsheets Equivalents

  • From the Physician Admin Workspace, navigate to the flowsheets menu.
  • Copy down the resultable items that are used in each flowsheet.
  • From the TWAdmin workspace navigate to dictionaries
  • Select the Resultable Item Dictionary
  • Highlight the Resultable Item that you are using for flowsheets
  • In the detail section of the resultable item, click on the blue link titled Considered equivalent only for flowsheet graph
  • Within this window select all of the resultable items that should be considered equivalent for the flowsheets.

Note: As new flowsheets are created this "Results Flowsheets Equivalents" task will need to be performed for each resultable. The "Results Flowsheets Equivalents" task does not need to be completed if the organization chooses to do the full RID synchronization instead.