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View: [[Media:Result_Verification.pdf‎|Result Verification Presentation]]
View: [[Media:Result_Verification.pdf‎|Result Verification Presentation]]
Presented 11/22/2013
Presented 11/22/2013
Presenters: Cece Teague and Laura Gold
Presenters: Cece Teague and Laura Gold

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Results Verification


Review of Result Verification workflows, Configuration considerations, pros anc cons and what steps are necessary to make it happen


View: Result Verification Presentation

Presented 11/22/2013

Presenters: Cece Teague and Laura Gold

Question and Answers

How do you recommend keeping up with Residents as they move from one clinic to the next? For example a Resident in the Medicine program who does rotations in Cardio, GI, Pulm, Internal Medicine. They may order in Cardio on Monday, but are in GI on Friday when the result comes back and may never actually go back to the Cardio clinic.

  • Answer: The Verify Patient Result task will follow the provider from site to site as long as they are in the same Org.

Assuming that the Residents cross-cover orders/result verification by rotation specialty,ie: Cardio, GI, Pulm you could apply the current site filter to the Order-Result Group Coverage task list, which would only display tasks for the site the Resident is signed into.

Is there a way to batch print result letters? For example from the Task View for “mail results to patient” that you had assigned to the Medical Records group.

  • Answer: Yes

Preconditions per the ADBR:

User must be assigned the Printing Tasks tab on the HTB

At least one set of results and the corresponding Mail Results to Patient task exists for the ordering provider(s) that the clinical staff member calls results for.

Clinical staff member is viewing a task list view that contains Mail Result to Pt tasks for the ordering provider(s) that the clinical staff member mails results for.

Document Type: Result Letter has "Finalize Note on Save" set to TRUE.


1. Clinical staff member goes to batch printing page, selects one or more Mail Results to Patient tasks and prints.
2. System queues for printing each of the result documents tied to the selected tasks, complete the print tasks that were performed, redisplays the batch printing page.

What are the Results Configuration Preferences? I think there were some good things there that may help us with our process.

  • Answer: General Preferences are found under TWAdmin> Preferences> General

.net Preferences are located at TWAdmin>Preferences>Results