Results Verification Enhancements 11.1.7

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These enhancement apply to the the v11 results verification process.

  • Worklist Enhancements
    • Results Activity Display
      • Improved display of numeric & long text result activities.
      • Right-click on result activity or result item to access context menu.
      • Double-click on result to launch result viewer.
    • Grid Header Display
      • User now has option to hide the grid header for Worklist result activities.
    • Display Mode
      • Users can now expand & restore each level of the results tree.
    • Review and Review All Action Menu Item
      • Replaces the Marked as Reviewed action menu items.
      • Accessed at bottom of toolbar or by right-clicking on the result.
      • Results are marked as reviewed leaving the results available to verify at a later time.
      • Names of users who reviewed the result & the corresponding dates are displayed in Order Viewer. This information is deleted only when result updates are received via the interface.
    • Sorts and Filters

  • Order/Results Viewer Enhancements

  • Results Verification Dialog Enhancements

  • Verify... and QVerify Preferences Enhancements
  • New preferences have been added to separate behavior of Verify... and QVerify. In Preferences - Results you can now set the defaults for patient communication method, note type, note use, and showing verified results in results documents when the QVerify or Verify option is selected.