Rhapsody Webcast Series: Rhapsody Webcast Series: Advanced Concepts

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Webcast Overview

Our previous webcast focused on the basic functionality of Rhapsody. This time we will explore some advanced concepts that begin to demonstrate the power of Rhapsody. We will explore topics like web services, database calls, using multiple routes in one interface, and design concepts/best practices.


Q. How does imaglelink work with Rhapsody?
A. I haven't researched this particular topic but nothing should really change. The base url or filepath is still defined within TWADmidmin workspaces within the ehr. The act of filing the unique identifers for a particular image to link to a particular result would still be handled within the FileResult_SP You would just be mapping the hl7 fields directly into the FileResult call as opposed to a FileResult message definition.


Webcast Slides Presented Aug. 21, 2013