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Working on rollout strategies we found it helpful to have a tool that would enable us to calculate the amount of resources necessary to support a given rollout strategy. Based on this, we created the attached spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is a great tool for estimating based on averages or resourcing a particular go-live. The sheet has the ability to calculate by number of sites or providers. The sides would be used seperately not at the same time.

Field explanations

Number of Sites - Number of physical locations requiring resources Simultaneous Sites to Go-live - How many physical locations requiring resources will be going live at the same time Week 1 Resources per Site - How many resources will be at each site week 1 of the go-live Weeks of Post Live Support - The number of weeks that a site will be given post-live resources

  1. resources Left in Support role per site - The number of resources to support in the Post-live support
  2. resources to maintain pace - Calculation based on the above telling how many resources would be necessary to rollout with those criteria

Weeks to complete all sites - Calculation of how long it will take to cycle through all sites Resource cost per week - Variable defining the weekly cost in dollars for a go-live resource Net Cost - Calculation based on the number of resources to maintain pace, weekly cost and number of weeks to maintain pace

File:Go-Live Resource Calculator.xls