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The Answer Class SSMT content category can be used to assist in managing the classifications or categories in the Answer dictionary. The classes in the Answer dictionary are also easily manually managed and edited because the dictionary itself as delivered is not terribly complex and pretty easy to manage.

The Code and Mnemonic values for this category are not viewable or accessible via the Answer dictionary; only via SSMT or SQL query.

Stored Procedures used:

  • Loading data: ImpGetAnswerClassDE
  • Extracting data: ImpSetAnswerClassDE

Column Listing and Description

  • Class Code - this is the unique entry code value for the answer class.
  • Class Name - this is the entry name and description field for the answer class. You will see this field as the description in the Answer dictionary.
  • Class Mnemonic - this is the unique mnemonic for the answer class; typically will mirror the entry code value.
  • Enforced - this is the enforced flag for the answer class value.
   * Y - means the entry is enforced (system delivered) and cannot be inactivated or edited.
   * N - means the entry is not-enforced and can be inactivated or edited.
  • Inactive? - this is the flag displaying the state of the entry.
   * Y - means the entry is inactive in the Answer dictionary; set this value if you wish to deactivate the entry.
   * N - means the entry is currently active; set this value is you are adding a new answer class.
  • Create? - this is the flag for whether or not to create vs. update an entry
   * Y - means the entry is new and will attempt to create as a new answer class.
   * N - means the entry already exists and an update will be attempted to an existing entry.

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