SSMT: Financial Authority Status

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The Financial Authority Status SSMT content category can be used to manage entries in the Financial Auth Status dictionary. Since this is an enforced dictionary, SSMT should only be used to activate/inactivate entries.

  • Note: In SSMT v2.2.50, there is a create flag in this extract and it will allow the creation a new entry in the dictionary. This entry will be available in the 'Fin. Auth.' section of the Order Entry screen, but it will not have any effect on the orders behavior.

Column Listing and Descriptions

  • EntryCode - Unique code for the dictionary entry.
  • EntryName - Display name of the entry. This is what will show in the 'Fin. Auth.' drop down in the Order Entry dialog.
  • EntryMnemonic - Mnemonic for the dictionary entry. Usually the same as the code.
  • IsInactiveFlag - Y/N flag to inactivate/activate existing entries in the dictionary.
  • Create? - Y/N flag to create a brand new entry in the dictionary.