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OID_OCD Mapping is a simple extract that displays the Orderable Items mapped to an Orderable Concept.

Stored Procedures used:

  • Extracting data: ImpGetOIDOCD
  • Loading data: ImpSetOIDOCD

Column Listing and Descriptions

The columns are fairly self-explanatory. A basic mapping table.

  • OIDCode - This is prepopulated if you extract the dictionary first. This is the code or unique identifier that the Lab Vendor specifies in their compendium.
  • OIDName - This is the Ordername and is prepopulated when extracted first.
  • OCDCategory - Refers to the category of the orderable concept item. This is defined by Allscripts.
  • OCDCode - Code assigned by Allscripts to the orderable concept item.
  • OCDName - Name of the orderable concept as delivered by Allscripts.
  • Error - This field will be populated if there is an invalid mapping.