SSMT: OrderResults-V11

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This SSMT extract represents the basic Order-Result relationship down to the Performing Location ID, meaning not just the Orderable Item dictionary makes up this table, but all of the orderable synced to the Orderable Item.
The extract is in a way a compiled view of the Orderable Item Dictionary and the Order Result Dictionary.


OrderCode: Performing Location Order ID

OrderName: Performing Location Order Name

OrderMnemonic: Performing Location Mnemonic

OrderingAuthority: Required Authorization to Order

Order Mode: The state of the Order’s availability in the system. “Draft” will prevent the order from being seen by the end-user. (Options: Active/Draft/No longer Used)

OrderType: Indicates the nature of the Orderable (LAB, DIAGNOSTIC ORDERS, IMAGING, REFERRAL ORDERS, etc)

ParentClassification: Indicates the Parent Class that organizes Orderable Items

ItemType: Options indicate what sort of outcome will result from the Orderable (Options: RESULT, FINDINGS, OTHER)

OrderableSource: Orderable Via (Options: User or Interface, User Only, Interface Only)

DefReqPerfLocation: Indicates the default performing location


CPT4Code: Indicates the associated CPT4 code, if any


WhenToCharge: Indicates at what point the CPT4 code is applied to the encounter

CommMethodPicklist: Indicates what picklist controlled contents will be available to communicate the orderable (Send to Performing Location, Call Order, Record, etc.)

CommunicationMethod: Indicates the default Communication Method

ResultMnemonic: Performing Location Result Mnemonic

ResultCode: Performing Location Result Code

ResultName: Performing Location Result Name

LOINCCode: If LOINC codes have been mapped, they will be displayed here

AnswerType: The datatype that constitutes the resultable

SetOrder: Determines the sequence the results will be displayed

ResultableSource: Determines how the Results will be received