SSMT: Orderable Item Favorites

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Created as of v11.1.5 and SSMT released 1/27/09

Using SSMT to load/mofify/inactivate Orderable Items favorites

I found that when creating favorites for orderable items in the PAT Admin workspace, an item would only be available to select if it was mapped. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it led to the discovery that the favorites can be loaded via SSMT.


As the OID-Orderable Items SSMT is broken out into Order Types, so are the favorites loads.

** UserName: The username if the favorite is being loaded at a personal level. (Not required)

** OIDEntryCode: The Entry Code value of the specific orderable item as found in the OID. (Required)

** OIDEntryName: The Entry Name value of the specific orderable item as found in the OID. This is the name the user will see and select in TW. (Required)

** OCDEntryCode: If the Ordable Item has been mapped to the OCD, this is the pertinent OCD code. (Not required)

** OCDEntryName: Same idea as the OCDEntryCode. (Not required)

** Specialty: If this is a specialty level favorite, populate with the Entry name of the specialty as found in the Specialities dictionary. (Requirement unsure)

** TopFavoriteFlag: The values for this column are 'Y' or 'N' (Yes/No). If marked 'Y', this item will be available on the Quicklist. This should be limited to items that are used on a daily basis. (Not required, but defaults to 'N')

** IsInactiveFLAG: If this value is 'Y', then the item is inactive. (Requirement unsure, but typically valued at 'N' when loading favorites)

** Create (Y/N): If this is a new value being loaded, this field should be 'Y' to indicate its being created. Once loaded, the flag will be flipped to 'N' the next time the row is extracted.