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The User / Provider spreadsheet is used with the SSMT tool to load and manager user accounts in the TouchWorks application. This is based on version 11.0.1.

Column Listing and description

  • Title - It allows you to store the persons title. This is optional, but can hold titles such as Dr., Mrs., Mr.
    Storage Location:  Works.dbo.Person_Other.TitleName 
    Data Type:  VarChar(20)
    Possible Values:  Free Text
  • User_Provider - This allows you to specify the type of user you want to create. User means that you are creating a standard user account. User/Provider means that you are creating a User that is also a provider. This is typically defined as any user that is scheduable or billable. Provider allows you to establish a provider account that will not need to log into the system. This is typically a non-human resouce such as a Lab Schedule.
    Possible Values - User, User/Provider, Provider
  • LastName - This is where you would specify the provider or users last name.
    Storage Location:  Works.dbo.Person.LastName, IDXwf.dbo.Users.Name (combined with firstname and middle)
    Data Type:  VarChar(35)
    Possible Values:  Free Text
  • FirstName - This is where you would specify the provider or users first name.
    Storage Location:  Works.dbo.Person.FirstName, IDXwf.dbo.Users.Name (combined with lastname and middle)
    Data Type:  VarChar(18)
    Possible Values:  Free Text
  • Middle - This is where you would specify the provider or users middle name or initial.
    Storage Location:  Works.dbo.Person.MiddleName, IDXwf.dbo.Users.Name (combined with lastname and firstname)
    Data Type:  VarChar(18)
    Possible Values:  Free Text
  • OrgName - This value should be the name of the Organization that your user or provider belongs to. In most cases, the system is setup as a single org system, so all Org Names will be the same. This value is being translated to the internal Organization ID.
    Storage Location:  Works.dbo.IDX_User.PrimaryIntOrgID  (ID that is gathered from translated Org Name)
    Data Type:  VarChar(255)
    Possible Values:  Free Text, but needs to match the Entry Name in the Organization Dictionary.
  • Email - This is where you would specify the provider or users email address. If not added here, the user will be required to submit it upon their first login on the User Registration Screen.
    Storage Location:  Works.dbo.Person_Other.EmailAddress, IDXwf.dbo.Users.Email
    Data Type:  VarChar(60)
    Possible Values:  Free Text
  • User_Inactive - This is a "Y/N" paramater that determines if the "Person" Entry is active or not. If set to 'Y', the Person entry is set to inactive. If set to 'N' the person entry will be Active. Basically, if you want the account to be useable, this should be 'Y'
    Storage Location:  Works.dbo.Person.IsInactiveFLAG
    Data Type:  Bool
    Possible Values:  'Y' or 'N'
  • Provider_Inactive - This is a "Y/N" parameter that determines if the Provider, User, and Resource entries are active or not.
    Only applicable to provider or user/provider account types
    Storage Location:  Works.dbo.IDX_User.IsInactiveFLAG, Works.dbo.Resource_DE.IsInactiveFLAG, Works.dbo.Provider.IsInactiveFLAG
    Data Type:  Bool
    Possible Values:  'Y' or 'N'

--need to figure out where the IDXwf flag is set.

  • Username - This is the username or login for the account.
    Sorage Location:  Works.dbo.IDX_User.Ausername, IDXwf.dbo.users.ID
  • Password - This is the users password that will be set in the system. When extracted, this will be encrypted.

  • DefaultSiteName - This is the Site name the user is associated with in the system. If the name in this column does not match the system site exactly, you will receive the following error in SSMT "No site Record Found".

Profession EmployeeNumber OwnerShipAuthority Force_PW_Change PHB System Reg_System Framework_DB Finalization Authority Electronic_Workflow Provider_Code Provider_Mnemonic CME_Pilot_Number VOrdering_Authority Credentials PrimSpecialty SecSpecialty DEA_Number DEA_Exp_Date Billing_Provider Scheduling_Provider Secure_Schedule PCP DontGenerate_SendChargeTasks Show_Optional_Clinical_Msgs DEA_II DEA_III DEA_IV DEA_V RX_Supervision StateLicense1 LicenseNumber1 LicExpDate1 StateLicense2 LicenseNumber2 LicExpDate2 StateLicense3 LicenseNumber3 LicExpDate3 Outbound_Dictate_ID RecordingFormat Transcribe Difficulty AlternateLicense UPIN Def CC Method NPI WorkPlace Def Clinical Desktop View IDXMLogin IDXMPassword Practice_Department PaIPreferredCommMethod LinkWithExistingProvider