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Webcast details

Originally aired: Friday, September 28, 2012

Presenter: Jon Deitch Christy Erickson

Webcast materials

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====Q: Can you use CMT between two clients, what if they had a trusted VPN between the two clients?

====A: CMT requires that each server that is communicating is connected on the same network. Therefore, most clients will not have the capability to share content using CMT. However, if there was a trusted VPN set up between the 2 clients in theory it could be used. It is not recommended and prior to performing a CMT content share between 2 different clients the following shoudl be considered. The EEHR version and CMT version should be the same. In addition, depending on the content being moved there may be prepped work to ensure the receiving environment had any dependency information (i.e. Document Types loaded prior to moving Note templates)

====Q: We are set up with 4 non-production environments, what would be the best way to compare noteforms between the environments?

====A: If you are strictly looking to see the number of noteforms and/or templates then using the category "Display New Note Catalog" would be the best option. You can choose to show Note templates, note templates with their associated noteforms, symptoms forms, or images. Select the desired item to compare and click Go. Once you have the results, right click select all and past into an excel sheet which will allow you to compare the 4 environments and you will see the last edited date of the item as well. If you are looking to compare the noteform installation date to determine if each environment is up to the same noteform release, you can have your database administrator perform the following:


  • Login to the database server
  • Open SQL Server Management Studio
  • Go to the Works>Database and Select New Query
  • Enter- select * from versionnumber
  • Execute Query
  • A table will be generated listing the Noteform release date and Medcin

See example Sample Medcin SQL extraction