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Example of Scan Folders

1. Scan historical documents?

a. Full chart/partial chart?
b. Scan as one document per chart
c. Scan as one document per chart section

2. Go Forward Scanning?

a. What documents will be scanned in which portion of the workflow? (Example: Will patient questionnaire be scanned at front desk vs. after visit)
b. Will documents be scanned by one group and indexed by another?

3. Chart Groups

a. More than one Chart Group? Chart group by specialty?
b. Chart sections mimic the paper chart?
c. Document Types – how detailed?
d. Chart Section Assignments in Enterprise

4. Scan User Groups and Rights

a. How many groups?
b. Rights? Delete Rights?
c. Limit Chart Groups? Or chart sections?

5. Filer Set Up Design

6. Will File Cabinets be used?

7. Will documents be sent to the provider via tasking from Touch Chart?

8. Naming convention for batch baskets

9. What documents that is currently in color will be scanned in color? And which ones will be scanned in black and white?

10. Resolution settings allowed and documents to be scanned in each

11. Will stickers be placed on all documents/all pages to be scanned identifying the patient and/or encounter date?

12. What patient identifiers will be required on all documents?

13. Auditing

a. How often?
b. What is audited? (Random chart audits; Batch Baskets)


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