Scan Set Up Validation

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Coming up with validation plans are not always easy. Below is a straw model for Scan Validation.


System Tested: TouchChart Test and TouchWorks Test

Date Tested:

Testing Participant(s):

Pass Date:

Data Confirmed:

  1. Document types in TW
  2. Chart Section assignments in TW
  3. Scan Chart Group Set Up in TC
  4. Scan Chart Links
  5. Filer Set Up
  6. User Group rights and chart group access
  7. Scan Functionality works in TC
    1. scanned every document type into each folder (direct, filer and batch)
      1. Advanced Directives to Misc Insurance – direct
      2. Med Rec Requests to OB/GYN report – filer
      3. GI Endo Report to Encounter form – batch using owner: Allscripts, Provider3 (single page and mult pages)
  8. Scanned documents show up in the appropriate place in TW
  9. Log in as a user from each group and verify they can function
    1. Twfront desk . . . Allscripts, Front Desk . . . go forward scanning
    2. Twmedrec . . . Allscripts, Medical Records…historical scanning
  10. Scan test different documents from chart, for resolution testing (using samples from actual charts, with patient’s name blacked out)