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When entering an Order in v11, there is a place for the user to indicate that an appointment is needing to be scheduled. This field can be defaulted to initiate the scheduling workflow when the order is place.

How to default the Appointment Needed field

  • Extract the SSMT category "OID - Order Defaults - Requested Perf Location"
  • Column S (as of SSMT born on date November 9, 2009) is 'SchedulAppoINTmentFlag'. On the row for the Orderable item, flip this from 'N' to 'Y' to default this value.
 **The two options for the ScheduleAppoINTmentFlag are Y or N.
  • This can be done at the Class level by setting the flag to 'Y' at the Orderable class level and setting the ApplyBelow column to 'Y'. Be sure to review the other columns to avoid overwriting any important information has been set specifically at the item level.


When the Appointment flag is defaulted to Y, the task will go into a "Hold For - Scheduling" status after the order is placed and the preceding status' have been passed.