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Plan your simulation no more than one week prior to go live, preferably two to three days prior.

Who to Involve

Who should you involve? EMR Implementation Team, Front Desk, Clinical Support and Providers.


Setup Required:

  1. Dummy Providers (enough for each provider in attendance)
  2. Dummy patients
  3. Appointments on the schedule (one new and one follow up per provider)with symptoms/complaints specific to the provider's specialty.
  4. Dummy paper charts or scanned records
  5. Any site specific new patient paperwork or intake paperwork you have created to capture a current health history on your patients.


Outline your Dress Rehearsal

  • I recommend you have extra staff members, such as those from medical records, lab or other departments of your clinic not involved in the simulation be your patients. This will allow the implementation team to follow groups and be accessible to answer questions.
  • Start off the simulation walking through one patient as a group. Keep groups to 3-4 providers and their clinical support staff.
  • Patient (staff member) presents at the desk. Walk through your new workflow for the front desk.
  • Clinical support collects patients and walks through their new workflow.
  • Provider sees patient and documents visit per new workflow.


Wrap-Up Session Make sure you have everyone gather at the end to address workflows or concerns that have come up during the simulation. Do not be surprised if there are tasks they have not previously considered. Make sure you have a communication plan in place to respond to items brought up during the wrap up session.