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We discussed tips, tricks & lessons learned from TouchWorks EHR roll outs for large organizations. We covered the development & standardization of security, Workplaces, Enterprise Task Lists, Enterprise Worklists, Clinical Desktop views and .NET preferences - all by role.

Originally aired: Friday, March 14, 2014
Presenters: Barry Chamberland & Tyler Yoder

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Presented 3/13/2014


Q: We have traveling providers in our organization, how would the worklists and task lists you are recommending work for these type of users?

A: First it is important to remember that it is the responsibility of each site to work the orders and tasks related to patients seen there no matter who performed the evaluation or treatment. Therefore for providers or staff that travel they should always make sure they are signed into the site that they are at that day. It is also recommended that site managers have all the task and worklists views so they can follow up on all outstanding items.

Q: When staff leave the organization how do you suggest we handle assigning their tasks and worklist items to other users?

A: One way is to have the site managers who can see all of the task and worklist views at that site to re-assign their items to other users at the site or clean up the items that are no longer needed. Once all of their items are addressed you will want to make sure that you inactivate that user (do not delete them). This is important because if that person re-joins the organization later down the road you will want to be able to use that same username and account. If you delete it you will need to start from scratch and that particular username will no longer be available.