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User Details


User Name – usually an abbreviated form of the user’s name, such as Last name and first initial of the first name. In many cases it is a good idea to mirror the user’s user name from other accounts such as Windows.

Password – a code unique to that user and known only to them to log into the system.

Default site – a physical location that is using the EMR such as a Pediatrics office. Printing defaults are typically assigned by site.

Profession – users profession such as Nurse, MD, medical student

Employee # - Indicates the employee’s identification at the organization.

Finalization Authority – the level at which the user can finalize a document. A user can still create, sign, and save a document even though they do not have a high enough finalization authority.

Credentials – the users credentials such as: RN, MD, MA

Ownership Authority – the level at which the user can be the Owner of a document. A user can still create and sign a document if they don’t have a high enough Ownership authority. This only grants the level at which a user can be the Owner.

Password Never Expires – by checking this box the password for the user does not expire.

Force Password Change – by checking this box, the next time the user logs in the system will force the user to change their password.

Physician Homebase User - applies to User/Providers only. Indicates whether the user is a Physician Homebase user (and thus, Homebase appears on the horizontal toolbar).

Electronic Workflow – by checking this box the user will participate in the electronic workflow such as electronic signature.

Provider Details I

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Provider Detail II

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