TW Bridge and SA users expired

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When you login to SA (System Administrator) in TouchWorks EHR v10 or below, CMS Patient Merge or TouchWorks bridge in GE/IDX ConnectR you receive a message indicating that your user's password will either expire in X days, or has expired.

The messages that you will see look like the following.

Soon to expire:
IDXAdmin password will expire.jpg

IDXAdmin password is expired.jpg


Run the following SQL in the master database on the clinical DB server:

SET PasswordChangedDTTM = getdate()
	,ChangePasswordDays = 999
WHERE AUserName = 'IDXAdmin'

This will reset the date when the password was changed to today, and extend it for 999 days. You could increase the ChangePasswordDays to 32,767, which is the maximum value allowed in that column (data type = smallint).