Tasking Concepts

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Webcast Overview

This Tasking Concepts webcast will outline the fundamentals of tasking within the Allscripts EHR

This webcast provides an overview of the tasking module in the Allscripts EHR application. The focus of this presentation is split between the front end workflow of tasking - including creating and working manual tasks and an explanation of system-generated tasks, a review of the task list, and an overview of the configuration aspects of setting up tasking in Enterprise: the dictionaries associated with tasking and the Task Admin menu option.


Q: Tasks listed in the Custom Task filters – can tasks be added to individual custom task filter groupings?

A: No. The tasks that are listed within each custom task filter are predetermined. Only those tasks associated with the custom task filter can be filtered against that criteria. It is not possible to add tasks to the group of tasks associated with the custom task filter.


Delivered 4/12/2013:

Download slideshow part 1

Download slideshow part 1