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The Text Input Utility (TIU) portion of the Transcribe module is the tool where documents can be transcribe and submitted directly into a patient’s electronic chart. The TIU is word processor based and directly integrates with Microsoft Word via the use of toolbars. The three toolbars contain buttons which call macros and use stored procedures to file the documents into the Works database.

When a job is launched from Internet Typist or the TIU is manually launched (to type an unsolicited document) the user is prompted to supply login credentials. This is the same as the user’s EHR username and password. This is partly how the TIU establishes a connection with the EHR database. Essentially you are “logged in” to Word with an active connection to HER.

Setup and Configuration

The TIU is typically a local application and typically installed and configured on a machine-by-machine basis. The TIU can be supplemented with a couple of different setup options that offer some automation and flexibility for the transcriptionists to be as productive as possible. When the TIU is installed on the typist’s workstation the following directory is created:

C:\Program Files\Allscripts Healthcare Solutions\Text Input Utility; this is where all of the program files specific to the TIU are located.

There is also created an entry located in Start --> All Programs --> Allscripts Healthcare Solutions --> Text Input Utility Setup. This will allow the administrator to access a dialog box where you can setup the default application URL (required on install), interface reconciliation paths, and also specify which demographic fields are required in order to create and submit a document into the EHR.


Normals are predefined blocks of text or entire visit outlines that can be inserted into a document to automate redundant paragraphs, instructions, or to function as templates to help guide the transcriptionist through the document. Normals reside on the local transcriptionist’s machine in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Allscripts Healthcare Solutions\Text Input Utility\Normals

Word documents (.doc files) can be created and saved or moved to this location so that they can be accessed via the Normals button when using the TIU.