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Patient Problems may be captured within the TouchWorks EHR. Problems are conditions (personal and family history), behavior or past surgical history. They are grouped into four main categories in TouchWorks:

  • Active Problems (current conditions, e.g. hypertension)
  • Family History (any conditions that a family member had, e.g. FHx of cancer or heart disease)
  • Surgical History (any previous surgery)
  • Personal History (e.g. exercise behaviors, smoking, drinking, etc)

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Problems and ICD9 Diagnosis Codes

There tends to be some confusion over how the ICD9s show for Problems and if/how the ICD9 Diagnosis Dictionary for TW Charge links to the Problem dictionary. Here are a few facts that should help:

  • Searching for Problems - the ICD9s you see and may search by are in the Problem Dictionary (technically, in the Medcin database, which the Problem Dictionary links to)
  • ICD9s Showing in the Problem List - ICD9s will only show in the Problem List (v10 - current/v11.1) if the Problem has an ICD9 in the Problem Dictionary/Medcin AND there exists a diagnosis in the ICD9 Diagnosis Dictionary (Charge) with the same ICD9 when the Problem was created.
  • ICD9s for Problems DO NOT come from the ICD9 Diagnosis Dictionary!! The Problem and ICD9 Diagnosis Dictionary only link on ICD9 Code when the ICD9 Code exists in both.
  • You cannot add new ICD9s to a Problem Dictionary entry - a new Problem Dictionary entry nor an existing one. ICD9s are associated to Problems by Medcin.