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This is a brief overview of PDA setup for the TouchWorks EHR.


1) Server Setup - Go to C:\Program Files\Allscripts Healthcare Solutions\TouchWorks PDA - Run TWCABWizard.exe - Enter the AccountID (from Site_DE), Web server name or IP, DB Server name or IP, and database name. Click Create TW Update Cab

Before you run the cab wizard, you can update the InstalledComponents.txt to default the components to be installed in the TouchWorks Update Utility on the PDA.

2) PDA Setup Make sure that you are connected to the same network as the server is on.

- In Internet Explorer, go to: http://<server>/trxweb/download.htm - Click the TestConnect link. - If it prompts you to download or not, download (click Yes) - Click the TouchWorks Update Utility link. - If it prompts you to download or not, download (click Yes)

- Open your Programs, select TestConnect - Make sure the connection info on the screen is correct - Click Test - You should see a box that says "Success". Click No to view data. - Click Save

- Open your Programs, select TouchWorks Update Utility - Select the components you would like to install, click Update - When prompted, click OK to install each component - If prompted to soft-reset the iPAQ - DON'T - wait until all components are installed, then soft-reset.

The PDA is ready to go.

Patient Lists

If you want to see patient lists on the PDA, make sure to set them to Download Yes under Manage lists.

Admin Setup

The Admin Setup requires a PIN. It is 1357.

Screen Viewer / Capture

You can view what is on the screen of your PDA on a PC by using this application. It needs to be installed on both the PDA (ceremote.sa1100.CAB) and PC (cerhost.exe).

PDA Configuration Reference

This was written for TouchWorks v9.1, but applies to future versions as well. TouchWorks_v9.1_PDA_Update.pdf