Touchworks Password Preferences

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Q - What are the configurable password preferences in Touchworks?

A - Here is a list of all of the web framework preferences related to Passwords

PwdCase - Case restriction for passwords

PwdConfirm - Display the Password Confirmation field during add/edit/copy user ? Y/N

PwdExp - Nmber of days after which a new password will expire

PwdExpNotice - Number of days notice before password expires

PwdInSync - Keep application passwords synchronized with Framework password? Y/N

PwdMaxFail - Maximum number of failed login attempts

PwdMaxLen - Maximum password length (characters)

PwdMinDig - Minimum number of numerical characters required in password

PwdMinLen - Minimum password length (characters)

PwdMinLow - Minimum number of lower case characters required in password

PwdMinSpec - Minimum number of special characters required in password

PwdMinUp - Minimum number of upper case characters required in password

PwdUnlock - Number of minutes an account stays locked before auto-unlocking