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Documents that you (or another member of your team) may have been sent as an attachment to email:

  • V11 Upgrade-Process Client

This is a PowerPoint presentation developed by Allscripts that gives a good overview of the upgrade process and the work effort necessary from your organization in order to have a successful upgrade. This document contains a very good high level overview of the process. If you have not received this document, please ask your Account Manager or Upgrade Consultant for a copy.

  • Network_Bandwidth_Configurator
  • Questionnaire
  • Server_Inventory

These forms need to be filled out and returned to your Account Manager before the Tech call can be scheduled and the project can start. They are required to create your hardware plan and to pass the Infrastructure Certification Process

Documents you should have received from your Account Manager:

  • Contract
  • Release package
  • Pricing guide
  • Technical_Upgrade_Approach
  • Draft Project Plan.xls
  • TW 11.1.0 System Environment Specs (SES).pdf

Documents you should receive from AHS Performance team when the ICP starts:

  • ICP Process Overview
  • Send Server Details (this is often referred to as the “server inventory”)