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In order for end users to be able to modify their print defaults, you have to give each user access to a new document on one of their menus. Here is the workflow:

  1. From the Admin workplace, choose Users in the vertical toolbar
  2. Search for the appropriate username
  3. When the search results appear, click the link for the username in the Username column
  4. When the User Summary window appears, scroll to the bottom of the window, and click the link in the WorkPlace Menu column
  5. When the Menu Summary window appears, click the link in the Key column under 'Menu Items' that you are going to use for adding the User Print Defaults menu item
  6. Another Menu Summary window will appear
  7. Click Edit in the upper-right corner
  8. When the Edit Menu window appears, click the Edit Menu Items button in the upper-right corner
  9. Another Menu Items window will appear
  10. Click the Insert button for where you want to insert the menu item for User Print Defaults
  11. When the blank line appears for the new entry, change the value in the Type column from HTB to Document
  12. Click the ellipses button in the corresponding Key field
  13. When the Select Document window appears, enter "UserPrintDefaults" (without the quotes) in the ID: field, and click the Search button
  14. When the UserPrintDefaults row appears at the bottom of the window, click the UserPrintDefaults link in the ID column
  15. When the Menu Items window reappears, click Save in the upper-right corner
  16. Keep clicking Save on the windows as needed as you back out of the menu item setup
  17. The user that you used for modifying the menu items should now have a menu item called User Print Defaults in the vertical toolbar

Fixing a suppressed Dialog

You can use the User Print Defaults menu item to access the particular print area that is currently suppressing the Print Dialog window. When you have identified the print area, click the corresponding line, and then click the Details button at the bottom of the window as to access the User Print Defaults window, and subsequently un-check the checkbox for Suppress print dialog.