V11 Go Live Weekend Overview

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The purpose of this article is to give Upgrade Clients a peek into the events that will happen over the v11 Live system
upgrade weekend. During an upgrade weekend, the system will be totally UNAVAILABLE! If you have weekend clinics,
arrangements will need to be made for a "View Only" system, printed charts or access to Patient charts using a product
such as Galen's VitalCenter system.

Please note: This is a high level overview. This process will be discussed in greater detail during regular upgrade meetings.

Friday Night approx 5:00-6:00 PM the system is shut down and Backups started

The system must be brought down at this time to ensure enough time for backups and upgrade work.

  • All users must be logged out or risk being kicked out and losing data!
  • The Clients IT team will stop IIS and Interfaces to ensure that data cannot be entered into the system.
  • The IT team will then begin backing up all databases.
    • It is critical that the backups be available to the upgrade technician if needed.
    • It is also critical that copies of the backups be written off to a second, secure location.

Depending on file sizes, hardware and backup strategy this can take several hours to complete.

  • Upon completion of the backups, the client will notify the Upgrade Technician

Friday Night approx 9:00 - 11:00 PM the Upgrade Technician begins the Upgrade Process

  • The upgrade starts with upgrading the Web Framework to at least version 4.09.x (for v11.2, running Windows Server 2008, Web Framework minimum is 5.02) if not already done.
  • The v11 Upgrade is then started on the Databases.

This process requires hundreds of scripts to be run, potentially taking 4-12 (or more) hours!!

  • Some of the scripts are updates to SQL Stored Procedures while others move Clinical data within the system.
    • Note: There are NO changes that occur to SQL itself. All changes reside in the AHS databases.
  • While database scripts are processing, the other servers are upgraded.
  • Web servers will be upgraded to v11 code.
    • Framework will be upgraded, along with Java as well as enabling .Net 2.0 functionality.
  • Print and Fax centers will receive upgrade.
    • Any client maintained customized reports using AHS delivered report names will be overwritten! Please have backups!
  • Impact and Forms MD server will be upgraded to latest service pack.
    • This will require updates on end user machines.
    • The images within the Scan Warehouses are NOT modified in any way.
  • Interfaces will have their message definitions upgraded to be v11 compliant.
  • Dictation/Winscribe will need to be updated if not version 3.7
  • Analytics will be updated post Go-Live by the AHS Analytics team.

Saturday Morning approx 12:00 - 6:00 AM after the database upgrade is complete.

  • Once the main upgrade is complete the Upgrade tech will apply any necessary Hot Fixes.
  • If not already done, an update to Medcin may be required.
    • This can add an hour or two to the upgrade. It's recommended clients be on the correct version prior to upgrade.
  • Upgrade Technician will make Post Upgrade/Pre-Configuration backups.
    • Depending on space, Friday nights backups may need to be overwritten, for this reason it is recommended to copy backups to another location.
  • Once all upgrades are complete and backups taken, Upgrade Tech will perform quick system test to validate upgrade.
  • The system will be then be turned over to the Upgrade Consultant.

Saturday Morning approx 7:00 AM - 1:00 PM Upgrade Consultant and Client will commence configuration.

  • Once the UC feels the system is ready they will work with the client to begin configuration.
  • Configuration of the system will be moved from the test system to the Live system using SSMT and CMT.
    • Most configuration can be moved with the tools, however, some pieces may need to be manually rebuilt in Live.

There are several factors that determine the speed of this process, however, it can take from 4-8 hours to complete.

Saturday Afternoon approx 1:00 - 4:00 PM Configuration is complete and testing can begin.

  • Client is responsible for testing all aspects of the application.
    • This includes testing of ALL workflows.
  • Any issues that arise that where not previously noted will be sent to UC and Tech for troubleshooting.

Depending on testing team size and time it takes to resolve issues, testing may proceed for 4+ hours on Saturday

Sunday Morning approx 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Finalization of testing and Go/No Go call.

  • Sunday morning is reserved for final testing of resolved/outstanding issues if needed.
  • At Noon (or sooner)the Go or Rollback decision would be made.
    • A Rollback decision (unlikely) would require reverting the system back using Friday nights backups.
    • This would be extremely difficult to accomplish if server level backups of the Web, Print, Scan servers are unavailable.
  • Immediately following the GO decision the client IT team will start the Controls Push for the new Web Controls on end user PCs.
  • Once the controls are loaded, it is recommended as many end user machines as possible get validated for correct controls.

Failed controls installs are the most common cause of application errors on Monday of Go-Live!