V11 Specialty Favorites

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What are Specialty favorites

A new feature of Touchworks V.11 is specialty favorites. This is a pre-loaded list of frequently used items in the following categories, arranged by specialty:

  • Allergen HX
  • Allergen Med
  • Billing Provider (?)
  • Diagnosis (?)
  • Active Problems
  • Family History (FHx)
  • Past Medical History (P
  • Past Surgical History (P
  • Social History (PH)
  • Procedure Charge
  • Provider (?)
  • Referring Provider (?)
  • Schedulable Provider (?)
  • Visit Charge
  • User (?)

(I could not find the following categories in V11.0 Phys Admin > Favorites:)

  • Patient History
  • Immunizations
  • Order Immunizations
  • Order Med Admin
  • Orderable Item Rx
  • Medication HX

The benefit of having the pre-loaded specialty lists is that it dramatically decreases loading time when searching for items from the clinical desktop.

Best Practice

  • Review: The best practice for loading specialty favorites with an upgrade client is to first have the client review the pre-delivered specialty favorites and then decide to either load the pre-delivered specialty favorites and edit them in test, or to not load the pre-delivered specialty favorites and to build their own favorites lists by specialty.
  • Check: If the client will be using the Order module, the OCD-OID mapping must be completed before loading the Specialty Favorites from Allscripts.
  • Load: Specialty Favorites are loaded via SSMT into the test environment.
  • Edit: The client then can use the PAT Physician Administration Tool to Add/Delete favorites from the delivered lists.

Using the Physician Admin Tool to Edit Favorites

To edit favorites in the Physician Administration tool,

  • Login as TwAdmin
  • Navigate to the Physician Admin Menu by using the drop-down in the top right hand corner of the screen


  • Expand the “By Category” Menu


  • Select Favorites


  • Select the specialty that you want to edit favorites for


  • select the favorites that you want to edit (in this example we will look at pediatric diagnosis


  • type in the beginning of the item you are looking for in the field next to the go button


  • Click on Go. The window below the word View will populate with items that match your search


  • select the diagnoses that you would like to include in your specialty favorites list, and they will populate in the right hand window. When you have the ones that you would like, click on save.


  • Saved Successfully will appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen.