V11 Specialty Favorites

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In the context of Touchworks EHR version 11, the build for specialty content becomes a great way to promote enterprise standardization and unity. Allscripts delivers content by specialty. I found it useful to query out the data from the database to begin the customization to meet our needs. We found that delivery of a Specialty favorites list containing input from several individuals, was the way to go from a build standpoint. Even if it contains hundreds of entries I personally don't use, the active searching brings it down to just a few entries with only 3 or 4 keystrokes.

Here are some SQL queries that were helpful in the process:

File:Immun favs by specialty.sql File:Med Hx Favorites by specialty.sql File:Med favs by specialty.sql File:Med allergen favs by specialty.sql File:Med Admin Favorites by specialty.sql File:Immun hx favs by specialty.sql File:Immun favs by specialty.sql File:Allergen hx favs by specialty.sql