V11 Specialty Favorites

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What are Specialty favorites

A new feature of Touchworks V.11 is specialty favorites. This is a pre-loaded list of frequently used items in the following categories, arranged by specialty:

  • Allergen HX
  • Allergen Med
  • Billing Provider (?)
  • Diagnosis (?)
  • Active Problems
  • Family History (FHx)
  • Past Medical History (P
  • Past Surgical History (P
  • Social History (PH)
  • Procedure Charge
  • Provider (?)
  • Referring Provider (?)
  • Schedulable Provider (?)
  • Visit Charge
  • User (?)

(I could not find the following categories in V11.0 Phys Admin > Favorites:)

  • Patient History
  • Immunizations
  • Order Immunizations
  • Order Med Admin
  • Orderable Item Rx
  • Medication HX

The benefit of having the pre-loaded specialty lists is that it dramatically decreases loading time when searching for items from the clinical desktop.

Best Practice

  • Review: The best practice for loading specialty favorites with an upgrade client is to first have the client review the pre-delivered specialty favorites and then decide to either load the pre-delivered specialty favorites and edit them in test, or to not load the pre-delivered specialty favorites and to build their own favorites lists by specialty.
  • Check: If the client will be using the Order module, the OCD-OID mapping must be completed before loading the Specialty Favorites from Allscripts.
  • Load: Specialty Favorites are loaded via SSMT into the test environment.
  • Edit: The client then can use the PAT Physician Administration Tool to Add/Delete favorites from the delivered lists.

Using the Physician Admin Tool to Edit Favorites

To edit favorites in the Physician Administration tool,

  • Login as TwAdmin
  • Navigate to the Physician Admin Menu by using the drop-down in the top right hand corner of the screen


  • Expand the “By Category” Menu


  • Select Favorites


  • Select the specialty that you want to edit favorites for


  • select the favorites that you want to edit (in this example we will look at pediatric diagnosis)


  • type in the beginning of the item you are looking for in the field next to the go button


  • Click on Go. The window below the word View will populate with items that match your search


  • select the diagnoses that you would like to include in your specialty favorites list, and they will populate in the right hand window.


  • To remove items from Specialty Favorites highlight the item(s) and click 'Remove'
  • When you have the ones that you would like, click on save.
  • Saved Successfully will appear in the upper right hand corner of your screen.