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[[Q: What is the max number of characters for patient location in clinical toolbar?]]
[[Q: What is the max number of characters for patient location in clinical toolbar?]]
[[Q:  Are Chart Alerts Auditable?]]
[[Q: How many charachters can you put in a Chart Alert?]]

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Q: What is the Gold Database and where do I get it?


Q: Where do I find Control key sequences for triggering frequent actions via the keyboard?


Q: What is the max number of characters for Patient Location & Encouter Status in the schedule screen?


Q: Is there a way to add other icons to the top bar of the Clinical Desktop, such as New Task

Q: Is there a way to prevent users from customizing their Clinical Desktop Views?

Q: What is the max number of characters for patient location in clinical toolbar?

CHART ALERTS Q: Are Chart Alerts Auditable?

Q: How many charachters can you put in a Chart Alert?


Q: According to "Pre-Configuration and Certified Workflows Release Notes" (v11.1.1), there is supposed to be a new CharViewer view called "Recent Chart." why can't I find it?


Q: Is the Quicklist limited?


Q: What does "temporary deferral" and "permanent deferral mean"?

Q: What is the difference between the different HMP actions?

Q: Where does the word "Prospective" get defined - It appears in the Immunizations detail area near "ordered by"

Q: How is the "Item name" defined in Immunizations (in the Health Management Plan Window)?

Q: How do we change the drop down in HMP - It currently populates "Immunizations Series"


Q: Who will be loading the Specialty-specific Favorites into V11.1.1 - The Allscripts/Galen Upgrade Team or us?

Q: Does loading Specialty Favorites affect how favorites are populated for new users?


Q: If two users edit a note at the same time, is there a warning message?


Q: When using Careguides, how is the preference "Patient Education" used and what is it's behavior?

In v10.2.4, the following three preferences are available: PrescribeAuthCII, PrescribeAuthCIIIoV and PrescribeAuthorization. I cannot find these same preferences in v11.1.2. Has their name changed?


Q: Why do the worklist names have a -1 after them

Q: Why am I getting an SSMT error when I try to assign worklist views to users? The error says: Clinical Desktop View does not exisit.

Q: Will tasks, such as results verification, appear on the Task list and on the Worklist VITALS

Q:How many Picklists can you have?

Q:Is there an Audit Trail for Vitals


Q: Does the Dispense Sample action create a task?

Q: Can scheduled meds send a task?

Q: Why does a nurse have access to change both ordered by and managed by when sending a refill request to an MD other than the original prescriber? Which one is the appropriate one to change?

Q: What are all the settings that impact if a user is prompted to enter a password when prescribing meds?


Q:The following fields on the Manage Immunizations screen used to automatically default to the values that were last entered for that particular vaccine (no matter who the patient was): Dose, Route, Site, Manufacturer and Lot #. In v11.1.1, these are blank. How do we get them to default?

PAT (Physician Administration Tool)

Q: When and How to use Exploding Sets

Q: How do I change the action type on an Active Med


Q: What are the Security Gates that are new to V11?

Q: How does provider schedule security work?


Q: How do we load patient education?


Q: Is the intended behavior to make a nurse enter a password when creating a new rx or is it optional? We can turn the Preference off, but want to know what is recommended.


How do I change a users name?


Q:How can I have multiple IE sessions open on one computer?