V11 Upgrade FAQ

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Q: Where do I find Control key sequences for triggering frequent actions via the keyboard?

Clinical Desktop

Q: Is there a way to add other icons to the top bar of the Clinical Desktop, such as New Task

Q: Is there a way to prevent users from customizing their Clinical Desktop Views?

Add Clinical Items (ACI)

Q: Is the Quicklist limited?


Q: What does "temporary deferral" and "permanent deferral mean"?

Q: What is the difference between the different HMP actions?

Q: Where does the word "Prospective" get defined - It appears in the Immunizations detail area near "ordered by"

Q: How is the "Item name" defined in Immunizations (in the Health Management Plan Window)?

Q: How do we change the drop down in HMP - It currently populates "Immunizations Series"


Q: Who will be loading the Specialty-specific Favorites into V11.1.1 - The Allscripts/Galen Upgrade Team or us?


Q: When using Careguides, how is the preference "Patient Education" used and what is it's behavior?


Q: Why do the worklist names have a -1 after them


Q:How many Picklists can you have?

Q:Is there an Audit Trail for Vitals


Q: Does the Dispense Sample action create a task?

Q: Can scheduled meds send a task?


[[Q:In the current version of v10.2.4, when entering a new immunization (New Admin), the following fields on the Manage Immunizations screen automatically default to the values that were last entered for that particular vaccine (no matter who the patient was): Dose, Route, Site, Manufacturer and Lot #. In v11.1.1, these sa screen are blank - they should be defaulting data in them.]]

PAT (Physician Administration Tool)

Q: When and How to use Exploding Sets

Q: How do I change the action type on an Active Med


Q: What are the Security Gates that are new to V11?


Q: How do we load patient education?