V11 Upgrade Introduction

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V11 Upgrade Introduction and Overview

The upgrade of a system from Touchworks V10.x to Touchworks V11.x (EEHR 11.x) is not only a big change in the look and feel of the software itself, it is also a a large undertaking for your organization. The upgrade to V11 is a process can take as long as six to seven months from beginning to end. The Upgrade process begins with your team and your Allscripts Account manager working together to initiate the process, complete prerequisites and a health check of your system.

After the health check is complete and your system has the green light to move forward, you are connected with your Upgrade team which may be provided by Allscripts, by Galen or a team with resources from both. The Upgrade team will consist of a Project Manager, an Upgrade Consultant, an Upgrade Tech and an Interface Tech. This team will be connected to your upgrade through the entire process and will help to support your organization's team in making a smooth transition to V11.

Your organization will also have to pull together your own team to support the upgrade. Your team should include: a Project manager, a Technical Analyst/Manager, Systems Analysts, Training Coordinators, Physician Champions and Clinical Super Users. This team will work together with the Galen/Allscripts Upgrade team throughout the process of the upgrade.

The Galen/Allscripts team will have knowledge and experience working with V11 Upgrades in a variety of settings from single organization settings to large MSOs. Your team will provide critical information about how you utilize the system, your clinical needs and how your practice setting will influence the build of the system. We will work together to make the upgrade a success and configure the system to best meet the needs of your users.

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