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Allscripts Enterprise EHR v11 Web Controls

Basics of Web Control Installation

  • Proper installation order:
  1. Confirm Windows Installer 3.1 is installed (necessary for .Net install)
  2. Microsoft .Net 2.0 SP1
  3. Trust.bat
  4. Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable SP1
  5. TouchWorksWebControls.msi
  6. IDXWebFrameworkControls.msi


Verify that each of the above is installed. If a prerequisite is not installed, uninstall all other software found after that on the list. Then start the process again from that item.

Pre-installation of Prerequisite Software

In an upgrade environment Windows Installer 3.1, .Net 2.0, Trust.bat, and Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable can all be run ahead of your go-live.

Push Technology Recommendations

It is recommended that any push of the Touchworks Web Controls include a step to uninstall the previous version of these controls.