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WEB-key is a biometrics software package from BIO-hey (www.bio-key.com) that integrates with the Allscripts Enterprise EHR.

Migrating the WEB-key database server

  1. You must stop the WEB-key service and update the location
  2. Open the WEB-key service from its System Tray icon
    WEB-key Config 1.jpg
  3. Click Stop
  4. Click the WEB-key DB button
    WEB-key Config 2.jpg
  5. Specify the new database server name/IP, and any other things that changed (e.g. DB name, user, etc).
    WEB-key Config 3.jpg
  6. Click OK
  7. If you're done, click Start

Updating the WEB-key database type (e.g. SQL 2000 -> 2005)

  1. Open the WEB-key service from its System Tray icon
  2. Click Stop
  3. Click Uninstall - this does NOT uninstall the WEB-key software, but rather unlocks it so you can edit certain settings
    WEB-key Config 4.jpg
  4. Select the updated database type from the Database drop down menu
    WEB-key Config 5.jpg
  5. Click Install
  6. Click Start, if necessary - if the Start-up Type is automatic, this step is unnecessary